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Two Years & Counting

Elvis Two Times by Andy Warhol

Elvis Two Times by Andy Warhol

I've long been fascinated with the idea of twinning. As a child I paired things together into grand collections, making an ark of my belongings. Many years later in an art history graduate course, I was asked by my teacher to bring something to class that represented duality. The next day I came toting my Elvis Presley rubber stamp. The king was a twin in real life, but this trinket also carried a double meaning: allowing for endless impressions of his likeness, each similar but not exactly the same.

Last week marked the second year of our business and with it came a timely reminder that even things that appear identical are often full of nuances that make them empirically different. Our first year felt fresh and exhilarating, with nowhere to go but up. We were charged with the firsts of everything: clients, contracts, cold calls, and even robocalls were a delight as it was all brand new. During this time we built an incredible stable of corporate and private clients; we grew as a company and as individuals. We seamlessly supported our clients with elite vendors in the business of art handling, conservation, and framing through varied art-related circumstances. 

It is only in the second year, however, that comparisons could fairly to be made. Year two was steady and strong, with lessons along the way. We found a natural ebb and flow, learning more about the many challenges that face ourselves and our clients. The most exciting part of this second year has truly been facing these hurtles and finding their solutions. At the core of art consulting, is a quest for solutions -- often artful and inspiring, but at times a matter of logistics or simple perseverance. 

In this past year I traveled to the Netherlands to get inspired by their grand art institutions and shared my findings through our social media platforms. The company traveled to Colorado to hang art in a newly renovated lobby. These trips to the area allowed us to connect with Denver’s local art community. We also brought New York to Chicago, by coordinating a pop-up show in one of our rotating exhibitions. In town, we facilitated an artwork showcase for an important business conference and helped companies with their construction project logistics: moving, storing and reinstalling artwork. These are just a few of the many jobs that are bolstered by our many experiences connecting with artists at their studios and attending gallery openings.

These years have hardly been identical, but our team looks forward to making our mark again and again. Each additional year of art advising will hopefully bring with it a new series of fine art challenges and triumphs. I often remark on how great it is that no two days are the same in this line of work, but it doesn't keep me from gathering them up in my mind and cataloging what we learned for future use. A collector at heart, I’ve learned more is better when it comes to both art and experience.

It is with tremendous gratitude that we enter our third year, knowing we couldn't have done it without our surrounding community. We hope to continue to support local artists and galleries as we grow together, finding creative solutions for corporations that nourish all those involved. We will come armed with our tools and our lessons learned, ready to handle all your art related requests with meter and care because in the words of his royal highness, “Wise men say only fools rush in.”

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Organizing Artwork for Corporate Events

Easel for Display at Conference

We help our clients coordinate art-related logistics for a range of corporate events including conferences, meetings, and lectures. In a recent project, we asked to prepare a set of historical displays for a board meetings being held in several elite Chicago hotels.

Our role in this project focused on managing the art related aspects of their event and included a variety of logistical details to consider. We organized the shipment of framed historical images and text to showcase during the meeting. The panels were shipped to our warehouse, where we unpacked, inspected, and documented each item, and organized them based on their content. This location provides a safe, insured area to hold materials ahead of time. In advance of the meetings, our team of art handlers managed the careful wrapping and transportation of the panels to the event sites.

Working with Local Vendors

We collaborated with a local event rental company to source contemporary, high-quality easels to showcase the historical panels. Using easels provided an efficient option for temporary display that would be flexible based on the layout of the event whilst showcasing the integrity of each piece. The event setting was elegant and included metallic glass features, which guided our selection of easels that complimented the hotel’s décor.

In advance of setting up the displays, we worked with local handlers to schedule pick-ups and deliveries to the event location. We coordinated with event staff to ensure that proper insurance was in place and that the delivery vehicles were compliant with the requirements of the event space.

Once on site, we arranged the layout of the easels based on the flow of traffic; we wanted the panels to be in convenient locations for ease of reading by guests. An internal curator was there as well, and together we selected the panels with content that would be most relevant to the attendees. One selection showcased international branches and emphasized the company’s global influence, while another depicted industry innovations spearheaded by the company throughout its history.

Langham Hotel Chicago

The Value of Visual Details

The inclusion of these panels highlighted various company achievements and provided historical context to the discussions being held during the board meeting. Attendees could learn about the company’s many important accomplishments and innovations in their industry while discussing their future direction and goals.

The information and historical photography on the panels highlighted our client's corporate lineage and were a clear source of pride for those attending the meeting. The metallic detailing on the easels connected to the opulent design of the hotel and made the display cohesive and sharp.  By presenting the panels in a mindful, artful manner, the display provided an insightful backdrop for a productive board meeting.

Connecting to Corporate Identity

An important part of corporate art advising and art consulting is connecting our clients’ visual culture with their corporate identity. Fine art collections are a reflection of the collector’s values and function similarly to the way a company’s branding communicates the personality and goals of that entity. Understanding the visual language of our clients is at the core of our job, and we work with them to implement cohesive visual design that complements their vision. Displays for corporate events are one such opportunity to showcase a company’s history and what they stand for.

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