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Custom Aluminum Label & Hardware

Custom Aluminum Label & Hardware

In the collections we manage, artwork and artifacts are enhanced by custom exhibition labels. Similar to a museum, the text we incorporate varies in style in order to best reflect the identity and values of our client. Aesthetic details including custom metal finishes, polished acrylic, and brass pins can make a significant impact on the artful presentation of information. Text is either provided by our client or garnered from our research on their behalf. We provide a wide range of options, including acrylic panels, screen printed text, metal labels, and vinyl wall text. Our aim is to provide thoughtful descriptions that provide context and are cohesive with the entire exhibition design.

In a recent project, we were commissioned to fabricate a text panel to match those in an existing collection. For a project like this, we collaborate with a wide network of vendors. We sourced aluminum sheets and worked with a fabricator on a custom brush to give the metal an elegant finish. We design the text digitally in-house, ensuring that the font, colors, and spacing all match the brand standards for our client. When the text is ready, we work with screen-printers to find a proprietary blend of inks and apply the letters to the panel. After the ink has cured, we select hardware that matches existing metal finishes throughout the client's art collection and have the panel custom-fitted to the hardware. Each text panel is treated with the same level of care as the artwork surrounding it. 

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